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It's Happening On September 7 2015 11 AM EST

What Is Vydeo Docs?

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  • A Unique Product

    While there are dozens of new video products every months, none of them address one of the biggest problems for video marketers, credibility via brand identity and professional communication.  Until now!!

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    The Front End offer is amazing and we keep it that way throughout the funnel.  All products in the funnel are complimentary for a guaranteed higher conversion!

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How you present yourself to your client is key to securing the contract!

If you don’t present your services professionally, chances are you’ll be beaten by somebody who does!

What if I told you that you could start contacting clients today, knowing that you’ll look like a total professional, even if you’re brand new to the video marketing game?

How? Well, today, my friend Tracey Meagher releases Vydeo Docs, the latest product in her Vydeo brand.

Vydeo Docs is built for video makers and marketers like you and me, working offline and online.

It contains Proposals, Contracts, Letters of Agreement, Production Scheduling Sheets, Invoices,  Prospecting letters and so much more.   Each document is beautifully presented and ready to be edited inside MS Word! Who doesn’t have MS Word?

You’ve got to see these to really ‘get’ how they will instantly make a difference to your business!


All are easy to send as hard copies or PDF’s.

You could pay hundreds of dollars for everything you’ll receive in Vydeo Docs but you won’t!

Tracey’s bundle will cost you no more than you’d expect to pay for just one of the resources included. It’s insane value!

I urge to check out Vydeo Docs right now. I guarantee within minutes of purchasing, you’ll be putting any one of these documents to use!

Not only that, you’ll impress any new client you contact and increase your chances of securing the contract!


To your video making success,


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