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Let's Create Talking President Elect Trump Videos!

First, download the files on this page.  You'll need the President Trump graphics, the video editor Blender (download instructions are in the video tutorial) and a Donald Trump voice over.

You'll find the link to my recommended voice over artist on Fiverr at the bottom  of this page.  Once you've written up a script for your video and have received it back from the VO artist (this is usually within 24 hours. This guy is fast!), you're ready to make your first video.

Follow the instructions in the video to learn how to do this.

Download The Files ...

Video backgrounds + Trump PNG Graphics

The Best Donald Trump Voice Over on Fiverr



Download The Special Bonus
A "President Elect  Happy Thanksgiving Video Message"


Terms of Use

-  Please use these images/movie clips responsibly
-  Brand any clips/videos you create as President Trump or POTUS (i.e. avoid using 'Trump' as a commercial brand name. Common sense!)
-  Use freely for parody/satire/entertainment/edutainment/personal videos (including memes, greetings, messages, comedy clips etc.)
-  Do not use for commercial purposes
-  Do not use to explicitly endorse your product or business
-  Do not use to direct hate towards any group of people

- You can use the graphics to create videos for clients when the videos comply to the terms above.

In short, be playful and have fun!

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