From One PowerPoint Template
To Unlimited Personalized Videos
In Less Than 5 Minutes

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This Tutorial Closes In

Learn How To Automatically Create
Unlimited Personalized Videos To Send To
Leads, Clients & Customers

Take custom user data from an auto-responder or database, add a PowerPoint template, run through a simple software & batch export to generate unique user specific videos.

One PowerPoint Template

It takes just one PowerPoint template and some easy formatting to create multiple variations, each with information unique to the customer.

You'll learn how to collect customer information through forms and how to prepare it for processing.

* You can use ANY PowerPoint template. This example shows a simple text based template for demonstration purposes only.

Unlimited Personalized Videos

Saving multiple videos won't be a time consuming process.  With this tutorial, you'll receive a custom batch video processing Addon for PowerPoint that will allow you to power through multiple video exports.

Why Send Personalized Videos?

To make customers and leads feel valued. To be remembered ....

Just about nobody received personal videos.

In a word where marketing is flawlessly automated from the welcome messages we receive to scheduled social media posts we read, personal stands out. Knowing that somebody took the time to reach out to you in a personal way makes you feel valued and that feeling is powerful for marketers.

Feeling valued creates interest, memorability, engagement and loyalty.

10 Scenarios Where Sending Personalized Videos
Can Build Loyalty & Profits

Let your clients, customers and leads know you value them.
Send a personalized video to ....

  • welcome to every new lead to your list
  • welcome new students to your course
  • upsell new products to existing customers
  • to engage clients interested in services/consultancy
  • engage with buyers interested in real estate properties
  • thank customers for their ongoing loyalty
  • send a personal seasons greeting video card to customers
  • send personal pre-launch video announcements
  • send personal Joint Venture invitiation videos to partners
  • to respond to customer feedback

Selling video services in the local economy?

Bill local clients monthly at $xx per video for an instant additional recurring income stream.

It Takes Just Minutes To Create Unlimited Videos From One PowerPoint Template.

Here's What You'll Learn ...

  • Collect Custom Information Using Forms
  • Prepare Information for Processing
  • Prepare a PowerPoint Template for Customization
  • Generate Multiple Templates Using A Free Tool
  • Batch Save Videos for Faster Processing Using A Custom PowerPoint Macro

Sending Personal Videos To New Lead or Existing Customers
Translates to Higher Engagement & Bigger Profits

Personal video is one of the easiest ways to get your lead or customers attention, because NOBODY else is bothering to do it!

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