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To The Automated Personalized Videos Tutorial

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to work with customer user information and PowerPoint to create custom videos for your customers, clients and new leads.


An introduction to the steps involved in the creating videos with unique custom content using PowerPoint and custom data.

Part 1

Customer data can be gathered in many ways.  This video explains the role custom fields in autoresponder forms play in help to generate unique videos.

Part 2

Prepare PowerPoint to receive customer data and run files through a free software to generated multiple slides.

Part 3

Speed up the workflow by installing the custom Addon for processing PowerPoint videos in batches.

Download the Video Processing Addon For PowerPoint

Note : This PowerPoint Addon is a Beta version.  As the Addon is further developed with new features, you'll receive free updates (please ensure you are subscribed to be notified of updates.)

Tips To Manage The Workflow

  1. If gathering data through an autoresponder form, be sure to select settings that notify you when you have received a new subscriber to your list.
  2. Manage thees notifications by sending them to a particular folder or label for easy access in your email client.
  3. If outsourcing, set up a rule in your email client to automatically send notification of new subscribers to the personal handling the workflow.
  4. If mailing new leads, mail the personalized within the first 3 days of their subscription to your list.